Welcome to the Magnolia Project. We are an independent group of professionals and members of the community. While most of us are in Australia, we also have supporters and friends around the world. The Magnolia Project is committed to supporting a range of new initiatives and programs to promote trauma-informed and compassionate criminal justice policies and practices. We know that current responses to crime are often both expensive and ineffective. Sometimes simple opportunities to work more effectively are overlooked or under-used.

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About us

The Magnolia Project is founded by Professor Andrew Day (the University of Melbourne) and Dr Katherine McLachlan (Flinders University and Parole Board of South Australia).

Professor Andrew Day

Forensic Psychologist

The magnolia flower represents a love for nature, nobility, perseverance, and dignity. Soft and subtle in colour yet strong in appearance, it is symbolic of the qualities that people need to live healthy, happy, and law-abiding lives.

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