We work on a wide range of issues. Our current initiatives focus on understanding how the courts recognise and respond to trauma, strengthening connections between people in prison and their children, and addressing vicarious trauma for people who work in the CJS. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions for new programs and initiatives.

We established the Magnolia Book Project to support connections between people in prison and their families.

We established the Magnolia Practice Guide project to support mental health professionals who act as expert witnesses in court to strengthen the cultural content of their reports. In partnership with the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (SA), we have been developing materials that present information about cultural safety and social and emotional well-being and why this is relevant to sentencing decisions.

We applied for and won an Augusta Zadow Award to support early-career professionals in the criminal justice system (CJS). This project will work with young workers and women who plan to enter the CJS workforce. We will do this by identifying their expectations and concerns and developing support materials. These materials will help avoid, detect, and address psychosocial harms such as vicarious trauma in the workplace.