We work on a wide range of issues. Our current initiatives focus on understanding how the courts recognise and respond to trauma and on strengthening connections between people in prison and their children. We are always interested in hearing your suggestions for new programs and initiatives.

We established the Magnolia Book Project to support connections between people in prison and their families.

  • What we do. We source and package children’s books for distribution to people in Australian prisons and youth justice facilities. The books are made available – at no cost – to those who are parents or primary caregivers of young children. Interested people simply need to choose a book that they think their child will like, personalise the gift through gift tags or cards (that we provide), and then send as a gift to their child. The books are used to mark a significant family event, such as a child’s birthday, and have a special meaning in the lives of recipients
our first set of donated books…
  • Why we want to do this. Through no fault of their own children who have a parent or carer-giver in prison are also being punished. It is often an extraordinarily hard time for children and parents in prison struggle to find ways demonstrate their love and support. We also know that their ability to maintain close connections with children is  critical to post-release success
  • What is involved. We seek donations of children’s reading books from bookstores, publishers, individuals, and organisations which we collect and distribute to people in prison. Any or every type of book helps. Given just how many people in prison are from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities we particularly appreciate any books that have an Indigenous cultural focus, but this is not essential.

Some thank you notes from people who have received our books.

We would like to thank the Awesome Foundation (Adelaide) for their awesome support in setting up our book project.