In the heart of the prison environment, a place often thought of as resistant to change, the Magnolia Book Project is blossoming like a beacon of hope and potential. This straightforward yet impactful initiative is leaving a lasting mark on incarcerated individuals by granting them access to the riches of literature and education.

My name is Krystle, and I am deeply involved in making all this a reality. I serve as the Education Admin Officer at Port Augusta Prison, where I spearhead the Magnolia Book Project. Witnessing its effects firsthand, I’ve come to appreciate how even the simplest ideas can bring about profound transformations.

This project rests on the belief in the potency of uniting families to combat the cycle of reoffending. In pursuit of this shared purpose, we decided to introduce a 2023 Children’s Book Week event that would foster togetherness. So, our approach was to invite any inmate to submit a request for a book to be sent to a child in their family. The response was overwhelming and heartening. Fathers, uncles, and grandfathers flooded us with requests, all eager to demonstrate to their loved ones that they could contribute to help them ‘read, grow and inspire’.

In these small yet meaningful gestures, we see the Magnolia Project’s impact take shape. Each book sent is a testament to the idea that despite circumstances, they can still play a vital role in their family’s journey of learning and development. It’s a reminder that while physical barriers may confine them, they are ready to ignite growth, even in the hearts and minds of their young ones.


Andy · September 11, 2023 at 8:55 pm

You are doing such great work Krystle. So appreciated!

Jack · September 11, 2023 at 11:53 pm

What an inspirational story. Well done to all involved.

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